Self-worth cards for Queen Bees


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The Awakening Box for Queen Bees

One card a day will turn your pain into power everyday!

The awakening box for queen bees will remind you to fearlessly and unabashedly embrace your feminine power. Having this box is like unlocking your freedom. It is like holding the key to your healing in the palm of your hands. This powerful box of affirmations combined with self-worth excerpts is designed to shake you and wake you up.

Pocket-sized yet powerful, carrying our compact self-worth box is like carrying your BFF or #1 cheerleader in your purse. Each card has a life-changing psychology coping tool excerpt on the front. The back of the cards comprises divine feminine illustrations with the very best matching affirmations that have been picked amongst hundreds of positive self-talk statements. These affirmations are extremely powerful regardless of how far along you are on your evolution journey.

If you have ever gone through waves of self-doubt or low self-worth, our 32 awakening cards are like a potent potion for transformation with themes like embracing boundaries, boldness, accountability, people-pleasing, self-compassion, mindfulness, femininity, facing triggers and fears.

Our Female Founders Message, a fellow woman on her awakening journey:
“Through this metamorphic awakening box, I want to empower all the conscious women of the world to awaken to their most authentic self. It takes courage to step out of a survival victimhood mindset into an awakened woman mindset. This box is for all the queen bees that dare to do the work and break free from their unworthiness patterns.”


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